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jalada Collage 3.2.0

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jalada Collage is a multipurpose program that enables its users to create calendars, picture collages, wallpapers invitations, frames and more. It includes hundreds of clip arts and templates that can be modified and customized in order to save time and facilitate the job.
The program isn’t complicated; it’s intuitive and in fact is easy to be used by anyone. Starting a project just requires choosing the template, to then modify and print and share. The projects include calendars, invitations, collages, photo frames, albums, cards, and posters where everything can be printed.
Regardless of the project working on, jalada Collage offers many useful tools which make it easy to customize the templates. Such tools include: multiple font types, colors, frames, orientation settings, zoom, alignment, layouts and many more. Other useful functions found are: undo, redo, predefined collage formats, different exporting formats, image effects, metrics, and arrange functions.
This version features additional clip art objects, more templates, automatic layouts, more effects, new languages and most importantly is the New Flickr Browser which allows searching for pictures without having to go indirectly to the Internet.

Max Santillana
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  • Mulitple templates
  • Multiple clip art
  • Flickr photo browser
  • Customizable templates
  • Picture tools


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